Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The show must go on...

This week has been hard so far. I had my sister, Ingrid, and nephew up for the weekend and Ingrid came down with a nasty virus that caused a bit of spewing for 2 days. They left Monday and late that night I started doing the same. Yesterday was spent at Emergency on a drip for 6 hours and I still don't quite feel right in the tummy! But... the show must go on... and Hope Street is this weekend so I have to push on to get ready for it.

On a nicer note, look what came in the mail Monday night! Above is my new Peta Pledger repro barkcloth skirt from Melbourne. Divine... and now I'm torn between wearing a dress to my friend Jo's wedding in 2 weeks or wearing this skirt with a cute black shirt.

And here are my new Mr and Mrs Nature Owls by Flying Star Toys. Florence and I did a swap as she loved my Sophie bag. These guys are so sweet! They will be getting a lovely new home on a shelf looking out onto the misty bush that surrounds my house.


Emmarose said...

Hope you are feeling better. That is truly a beautiful skirt.

Kara said...

Thank you Emma! I woke up this morning with plans ticking in my brain for the markets this weekend so definately feeling better.

Florence Forrest said...

I'm gad to hear you are feeling better, sounded like a really nasty bug.

I'm glad you're liking your Nature Owls, I just can't do with out my Sophie bag! Thanks again Kara :)