Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Biznet Stepping Up graduation

Last night's Biznet Stepping Up Programme Mini Expo and graduation was fantastic. What a wonderful bunch of local people!

I rushed up there at 5pm with my mannequin, bags, cute plate of petit four style cakes and musk sticks (mmm). It was crashing down with rain 'n mist and hard work to get it all happening, keep my dress and make-up in place and not look like a drowned rat. I specially wore my red & pink polkadot dress with my Liana Kabel red & pink knitting needle bangles and same coloured button necklace - all contrasted of course with black cardigan and shoes so I didn't look like a complete fruitloop.

The displays put on by all the young business entrepreneurs were outstanding. I loved the cute giveaway ideas, like Red Lily florist giving away a container of seeds with the message, "Let me help your business grow", Mountain Eagle Security Service had ginger bread security men which were a hit and Devine photography had a competition for $1000 photography work!

We had to each get up and say a few words which makes me ill - I hate public speaking - but it was great to get up and talk about how the programme worked for each of us. I am lucky that my mentor, Naomi Newton and I are going to continue with it all!

I even won a prize for best display! Andrea from The Complete Basketcase and Debbie from White River Design decided to hand out their own present for best display so I felt very special.

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