Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dog costumes

Can the world get any crazier? Dog costumes! But they make me laugh. Of course, I would never put one of these crazy items on my dog, so degrading to her, but there is actually an industry out there so someone's buying them.
My dog Nelly is a stumpy tail cattle dog (ie. she has no tail - naturally) and it has been suggested that the bumble bee costume would sit nicely on her, especially if the costume had a stinger on the bottom. Nelly would rip this apart pretty quick thinking it's all good fun.

Isn't this ridiculous! I don't even know why I'm blogging it except that these things are bought by people for their poor little lap dogs. I'm especially worried by Pin Up Girl and the Red Victorian Dress.

Check out Barkenstein...


Anna Laura said...

Barkenstein sure does look happy!

We used to dress our cats up in dolls dresses when I was younger. It gave me great joy to see them running off at full pace in a lovely frilly dress. Thank god they love you unconditionally!

Kara said...

We used to do that too - my poor cat. And it was forced to be swaddled in blankets with a bonnet on its head. Perhaps adults are still enjoying this with their doggies!