Monday, June 23, 2008

Festival photos

Three of the Gussy Up Gals (I don't know where Alice was!).
From left: little Zoe, Freedom, April and Kara

Tania was a great help on the day - spruiking and selling our wares.

My end of the double stall with a lady checking out a clutch purse.

Here are some photos taken (thanks Tony!) of the Gussy Up Gals double stall at the Winter Magic Festival last Saturday. We had such a great day though it was so so so cold to be standing from 6am - 6pm on a winter's day in Katoomba. Luckily, there was sunlight but it seemed a tad fleeting!

Our stall had a great response from passersby and the community with a lot of comments, "Oh you should have a shop"... we wish!


magikquilter said...

Well that sounds like a good idea to share costs of rent and do not have to stand around in the cold all day at festivals etc. You could have an area where you work and also a creche for any kids...saw a baby there in the photo....maybe a bohemian coffee drop in art gallery style shop.

Is the community based co-operative an option up there as well? I thought I read that there was one in Glenbrook or somewhere like that. the other thing I have seen a lot in America is the indie businesses have a market day at their not know how that works...maybe it is invitation only.

Glad it was a success, although you looked frozen!!! Saw you have almost sold your 10 totes....are you premiering another 10 soon?

Kara said...

Wouldn't an 'at home' one be great!? There is so many options with it all and if the four of us could one day have a shop space up here it would work out really well.