Friday, June 27, 2008

I love madeit!

Yellow teacup brooch - $25 AUD by Vanilla Bug

I have been checking out madeit for fun gift items - and also for fun baby things I can drool over - all Australian made, of course! If you haven't checked out madeit, please do, and support Australian designers, artists and crafters. Here are some more fun ideas...

Olive baby booties - handmade in a range of baby sizes - $25 AUD by Pedrosprout

Once I know the sex of the baby I will go nuts... not that I'm a blue or pink sort of person. But these baby booties by Pedrosprout are fabulous!

How to wear a sari t-shirt - $22 AUD by Interrobang

Sparrow writing set 10 pcs with envelopes - $14 AUD by Lily & Cino

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Jane said...

lovely stuff there!