Saturday, July 26, 2008

California, here I come!

Diane Bronstein has featured me in her fantastic blog, "Inspiration by Design" in California. She has some amazing design listed on her blog and I would love if you would check out the blog and see for yourself.

Otherwise, I still have our family here with us. Ingrid's car broke down at Lawson (20 mins away from Katoomba) and I had to drive down to pick them and all the baby gear up. Of course, then there was a huge accident on the highway, so it took almost 4 hours for us to drive back! We were all so exhausted. Hopefully their car will be fixed today in time for their drive back tomorrow to Newcastle...

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Diane said...

Hi -- I just saw that you gave my blog Inspiration by Design a beautiful write up---- Thank you so very much! Please keep me informed of any new products you have.. thank you again