Monday, July 14, 2008

Expensive babies

After lolling about the house all day yesterday, plenty of sleep but still no improvement on the stupid cold I have, I am bored, bored, bored. Of course, I have lots to do (including finalising a lot of new clutches that need buttons and finishes, then to get loaded up to my site... but that will have to wait another day or so).

I just don't have much energy. Sat around yesterday reading which has been nice and ended up watching CI (Crime & Investigation) on digital last night so I  have learnt all about Flashers and how to treat them. (It was actually very interesting).

So I thought I'd post about babies. Yes, these little things seem to cost quite a lot! I don't know WHAT we were thinking (I guess the old fashioned 'stick them in a drawer of your open cupboard' like the old days). 

I have been starting to watch out for cots, prams, change tables, car seats, etc to work out how much it's all going to cost. I keep getting told to 'wait' as I will be given all this stuff... just not sure by whom!

Anyway, I looked at the IKEA website - and I am in love. The baby stuff there is reasonably priced, good looking and Steven can assemble it! I'm sure he will be pleased about that.

Sniglar cot $149 (and meets Australian standards - I checked that out). The mattress is only $49. So $200 for the cot - done.

Then there is all this cute stuff that is reasonable! Of course, we won't be getting quilts and that sort of stuff (as babies are not meant to be under that kind of thing), plus I have one gorgeous 1950's barkcloth quilt that I had specially kept for a baby. But, after going to these massive and expensive baby supermarkets in Penrith, which was a scary experience including the loud Britney Spears trash music piped rather loudly throughout (do babies like it or just bogans?), this is more my style.

Of course, there is nothing I can do about prams/strollers. We don't even have footpaths around my way. It's very steep and unwieldy so will be forking out for an 'all terrain' pram. (Hee hee, I have to laugh about that but that is what they really are called). Looking at prices AT LEAST $800-$1000. Crazy... we could buy a little car for that!


Siany said...

Try this website:

A friend of mine just had her first baby and she bought alot of great quality stuff at a great price. Only thing she found is that you do have to order quite a few months in advance as they can take a while to deliver the goods.
Good luck with your pregnancy :)

Kara said...

Thanks Siany,

I will go and have a look. The time thing is good as Im only 14+ weeks pregnant!


Emmarose said...

Keeping it simple will help, Ikea is awesome. With you sewing skills you'll be making infant safe blankies and such in no time. Don't forget all the great handmade sites (for slings and such)

j_a_d_pope said...

That post made me laugh, Kara - we have two boys - one just turned five and the other is now a bonny eight month old. The cost never stops! Setting up really does cost a lot but if you do it little by little you won't notice it. Enjoy the wonderful ride!

magikquilter said...

Didn't you say your car was on the blink, how is it going now?

So the cold is still going strong? Practice for when bubba stars preschool and brings home every bug ever invented!!!

Those prams and things are hugely expensive....I guess your sister is still using hers?

I just saw some photos on flickr where a young lady spends more on a pair of shoes than I spend on food for us three in a week. Imagine when she has a baby....designer everything.

Kara said...

It's still very cold (only July!) so thats probably not helping the cold I have.

Baby stuff, yes, I think IKEA is the way. My sister is still using her baby stuff and she wants a 2nd baby anyway so I think we'd better just collect our own.