Friday, July 18, 2008

Forkometry designs

I've just been checking out the lovely bits n pieces on madeit for sale. I love checking back to see what exciting new designs have come up. The community is really growing and there is some outstanding items!

This lovely bracelet is only $35 (AUD) + postage. Its a stunning piece and imagine how strong it would be!

Today I discovered Forkometry designs. You know how much I love salvaged or recycled items, and this jewellery is just stunning! The silver ring above is a recycled fork and below is an old teaspoon handle. These retail for $38 (AUD) on madeit which is a bargain for an unusual piece.

It looks like these guys are located in Hobart as they mention they are at the Salamanca Markets.


Chooks'r'us said...

I love their designs - my friend has a wind chime that I covet every time I see it, so I was very excited by your post as I didn't know where I could find them. Your bags are gorgeous too, by the way, and I'm very happy they are made here in the mountains!

Kara said...

Thank you! Yes, I am deciding if I should get a piece by them... just no money at the moment!!!

Emmarose said...

Wow, that's so weird, I too have been checking out Forkometry I find their spoong rings irristable!!! Waiting for my pocket money to purchase one!

please sir said...

Lovely rings - I didn't even realize you have a blog! Love your handbags and was happy to feature them on the Current Love!