Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's cold out there but it's warm in bed...

It's pretty cold today - just checked the temp and it is 2 degrees right now at 8am! I just took some shots of the frost in our little gully here in Katoomba. It's so pretty...

This is the gully at the bottom of the cul de sac. It's icey white right now on all the trees but you can still hear the water moving through it (it's somewhere amongst all that foliage).

Ice on the ferns just outside the house. I had left some clothes outside to dry and they are the same - stiff with ice! It's such a contrast after living in Brisbane last year.

Cold update: raspy, TB-like cough has slowed down but now snotty again and still very tired. Antibiotics finish in 2 days - fingers crossed it will be all over, but I don't hold out much hope.

Katoomba maternity ward update: I rang the hospital yesterday and spoke to a lovely midwife, Linda. Women are being transported to Nepean, have their baby, then get in an ambulance back to Katoomba 4 hours later to do their recovery time with the midwife clinic. I can choose to go to Nepean or Lithgow, as they both send mums and bubs back up the mountain. She also said everyone has their fingers crossed that it will all be fixed up in the time promised by the government so that it could go back to normal. 

Although this is still not ideal, with the stress of driving a labouring woman 1 hour away on our partners and loved ones, it seems to be the only option. Of course, an ambulance can take you down to Nepean if its a bit scarey. A home birth is not for me, and certainly not when you cannot quickly get to a hospital if it all goes wrong!

I was pleased to see the amount of media attention this has brought about so far. Let's hope it doesn't quieten down. Yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald had a big page 3 article about it.

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