Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's my birthday

It's my birthday today - 35 years young. I have been absolutely spoilt too. Last night Steven took me out to the Swiss Cottage here in Katoomba - mmm, heavy rich swiss foods...

Then today Mum came up on the train, had a look around the fabulous Lawson markets, lunch back at our place in front of the fire, then cakes this afternoon. My aunt had sent up, no kidding, about 12 individual cakes for us all to eat. I feel so bloated now! Angela stopped by and gave me a gorgeous pink bison milk bottle which I will have to take a photo of when its bright again.

Day 3 of antibiotics and still no sign of getting better. Angela had the same bug a while ago and reckoned it took the full 7 days of antibiotics to come good again... fingers crossed!

Katoomba maternity ward is closing down for 3 months. We heard on Friday and tomorrow is a rally that I will attend with the girls up here. It's terrible! I have not had any actual word from the hospital but a girl had planned to have her baby there next weekend and got a phone call to tell her to organise something else! I am so disappointed...


Save Birthing in the Blue Mountains!

As of Monday 21st July, 2008, the maternity ward at Blue Mountains District ANZAC Memorial Hospital will be closed for at least 3 months and, until further notice.

This action effects many women already booked into the hospital and also takes away the rights of pregnant women to choose their place of birth in the Blue Mountains region.

The closure of the maternity unit may also cause problems for labouring women as they are forced to travel much longer distances to receive adequate care & as a result, they may be faced with unnecessary intervention. In the case of an emergency, the extra distance may have a huge impact on the birthing mother & baby.

A rally has been organised for this coming Monday, 21st July at 11am outside Katoomba Hospital

Please show your support by attending the rally & by forwarding this information on to family, friends & any members of the community that you have contact with. Bring placards/banners & balloons.

Everyone needs to attend to make the biggest impact possible!

Thank You.


Cass said...

That is terrible about the hospital, it's not as if the next closest one is a 15 minute drive

marisalouise said...

happy birthday kara!

Siany said...

I work at the Swiss Cottage!! I thought I recognised you!

Kara said...

Wow Siany! It's a small world! We had a great time but its not the same without a glass of wine!!!


Siany said...

ohhh thats a shame :(
But just think - the reason WHY youre not drinking wine is SOO much more worth it!!

magikquilter said...

Did you go to the rally.....was looking on the news but only caught the end of it so did not really see what developed, if anything.Happy Birthday again...lovely piece!