Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Living Creatively

Angela at Living Creatively has given me a free ad on their site. I just went and had a look and it's on their home page - thank you guys for supporting a small business! These guys did an interview with me a while ago so I am waiting to see if it becomes a story. They were especially interested in my family and it's history, so could make for quite a different story!

We woke up at 5am this morning. Nelly, my dog has had ear trouble since the weekend, and was whimpering, scratching and shaking her head. So, again, I have got up, sat on the floor with her shining a torch into her ear, cleaned it - but nothing. She has been moving around looking very sorry and scratching but has finally laid down (once I got the heater going). I guess it's good practise for getting up with the baby next year. Hmmm... I think it might be another expensive trip to the vet today where they charge the earth but say, "well, I can't see anything". It's happened before. She seems to be very sensitive about her ears but they are so clean, and I don't ever really go near them.

So, its now 5:55am and I am wide awake...


Emmarose said...

Remember, you are a Mummy in training now, so Nanny naps are completely acceptable!

magikquilter said...

Hope you are having a nap cattle dogs have problems with their ears as a breed? Just wondered.

You will get used to early rising etc....its the cold that will be the will need plenty of quilts and fleece throws and things to keep you warm if you do not have the fire going during feeding times. That was the hardest thing with living in England when Chris was a toddler as he did not sleep through the night until he was two and it was so cold there as the central heating took so long to heat the house...luckily we had a gas heater as part of the house we bought over there so I fired that up during the wee hours.

Hope you are all doing better now and well done with the networking....looking forward to seeing the interview.

Kara said...

Hi guys,

No cattle dogs are pretty good, just get old and rickety with back legs eventually going.

My keyboard has now died - arghhh! Been talking to AppleCare to see what they can do (all the way to the USA) so they will probably send me a new one.

I'm on Stevens little Ibook for now... not quite the same with everything else on the other computer.