Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New ballerina bags

So much to do with only just under three weeks til the Powerhouse Museum Youngblood Market. Not much warning really, but I guess they are expecting that us designers have our s*&t together!

Here are some new ballerina bag designs that should be up this week. They just need buttonholes on the front pocket with lovely big vintage buttons sewn on.

On the baby business, I got to hear my little one's heartbeat yesterday and it was very exciting. I am 17 weeks pregnant this week - can't believe it's only 23 weeks to go! I received two great books that I won on ebay today - Baby Love (the staple for all mums) by Robin Barker. So You are Going to Be a Dad by Peter Downey (for Steven) was the other one I grabbed and love some of the chapters like "Why embryos look like the monster in Alien" and "How many cameras you should take to the birth".

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Bec said...

I have both these books - and they are both great! Isn't the sound of that galloping little heartbeat one of the best things!!!