Thursday, July 31, 2008


Wow, this week has gone fast. I just can't seem to do as much as what I am used to. It is really nice to just flake on the couch when it all gets too much though...

17 weeks today!

I'm also getting ready for Rachel next week, who is doing work experience with me. I have some fun project ideas in time for the Youngblood Designer Market the following week... and we might just get to visit Charlotte's Couture Collection up at Blackheath (this is probably more for me than for Rachel!).

Today I designed a new large tote that will be revealed at Youngblood. Very exciting! There will be about 10-15 there (I hope, depending on time...) and I love the new shape.

My Nana recently gave me this photo of my younger sister, Ingrid (right) and I. It's very girly for us, we weren't normally dressed up and so into dolls! (Don't you love the wallpaper?).

My doll was Katie and Ingrid's was Paula. Nana and Johnny gave them to us for xmas and they were pretty special. I still remember the plastic doll smell when they came out of the box. I wonder if dolls still smell like that?

The dresses we are wearing are 60's nighties that we got from Mum's 2nd hand stall. We thought they were lovely...

Do you have funny old photos and memories of what you used to get up to?

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