Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Project Runway Australia

The Australian version begins! 

Last night was the first episode of Project Runway Australia on digital tv. I had been waiting to see how this goes as I found the US version fantastic (and dying to see the Canadian version which I have heard is better). 

My mother watched one of the last US episodes with us (before the winner was announced). She sat down and said, "Oh, not another of these stupid reality shows". (She is more your World Movies/SBS type). I snuffled that it was much better than most of them and to just WATCH. By the end she kept exclaiming how clever it was and what a great idea. Certainly, at least these people have talents, highly creative and are trying to get their business off the ground (a lot better than say... Big Brother... urghhh!).

But why does the promo on tv keep talking about copycat work, being cut throat and bitching? This was not something that was pumped in the ads of the US series. Are us Australians really that boring and uncreative? 

Already, the promo for episode 2 shows screaming about copying and abuse at each other! 

I was surprised that in the first episode there was bitching from the other contestants that Helen Manuell (the dressmaker from Vic) was helping Brent Zaicek (the tailor from NSW) who was really struggling to get a glamorous evening gown out to the judges in time.

Click here to learn more about the show via The Melbourne Age.


marisalouise said...

I'd love to be able to watch this show - I've heard SO much about it! But alas, no pay tv! Have they released the US versions on DVD box sets or anything? Perhaps I'll just have to invite myself over to friends houses who have foxtel on Monday nights.....

Kara said...

I think inviting yourself to friends places is a really good idea. Just turn up with a Vienetta and you'll be right!

diana said...

Hey Kara,
Watched the repeat today. Looks like it going to be a good one. I watched the American one, which I loved. Haven't adopted the fierce vocab, thank god. I liked the Vivienne Westwood inspired dress, although hated the colours. Reminded me of Parramatta football colours and I am no fan of footyboring.

Swirlyarts said...

Oh how exciting! I was addicted to the UK version (called Project Catwalk) and I've just found the Australian version on You Tube. I know what I'm doing tonight!

kiwigirl said...

I know Brent, hes a kiwi boy living in Sydneys northern beaches. He is really creative considering he had never made womens wear before the show he is doing a great job! I hope he gets the chance on the show to make menswear - he is really creative. Nice to see a straight guy sewing!