Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sick of being sick

This custom 10tote has been created for Debbie in Maryborough, Qld and was posted yesteday - I hope you love it Debbie!

I have just woken up (1 pm). This cold virus is hitting me so hard. It started Tuesday last week and I am SICK of it! I have finally got a doctor's appointment tomorrow but couldn't even get in at my clinic. Rang Leura Medical Centre and the lovely lady said, "How's 11am tomorrow? Bring your medicare card and we will bulk-bill it for you". If the doc is good, I'm moving all my sicknesses to Leura Medical Centre. Hee hee!

On another note, my stupid keyboard has gone kaput (what is happening around here?) so I have been on the phone to Apple, talking around the world, trying to get everything working. Luckily I scraped in with my 3 year AppleCare warranty by days (I kid you not) so they are sending a new one to me, though will be up to two weeks - how convenient. So I am typing away on Steven's little Ibook, which is not so good to type on...

Anyway, a little delirious here so should toddle back to bed now.


magikquilter said...

Don't they [Apple] have it in their swanky new store in the city? That's a pity. Lots of blogs on my reader at present...glad you had a sleep's the dog?

You know I love the bag and gave a link to it and you on my last post so that all my hundreds of readers could link to it....hahaha... but as CJ says seventy does not mean seventy reading that was five yesterday and three today listed as reading that post and no clicks off the links so far.....ah well I try! Hope the doc helps.

Kara said...

Ahhh yes, there are Apple stores everywhere but that is not how they work. You take out AppleCare protection and deal with them directly, separately to the stores. Its worth doing as I have had little problems here and there over the years. Its just funny when you call cos you can get an irish bloke in Dublin, an American or an Australian - depending on where the call goes through to!

Thanks for the link to the bag. The new 10totes won't be out for a while as there is only 2 made so far!

Bec said...

This bag is lovely! I can't believe you're still feeling so crappy, you poor thing. I know exactly how much it sucks so I really feel for you...
Oh, and I also gave you an award on my blog - don't worry - it's a no obligation award - you don't need to do anything or pass it on (I hate putting obligations like that onto people). Just thought I'd let you know though - I always enjoy reading your blog! Hope it brightens your day in some small way :)
Cheers, Bec.

Kara said...

Wow Bec, thank you! I have just let a comment on your blog. I am so touched!