Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I was online til 10:30pm last night with a very helpful chat person who fixed my internet problem. Yay! I can update my site! I can't tell you how awful its been trying to run an online business without the online bit. 

So finally, its time to load up some new delicious handmade handbags. Pat, a local lady, has begun helping me sew and cut the bags - it's an exciting step in my business. Above is Acorn Annie $119.95 AUD. Gorgeous vintage kiddy print (squirrels and acorns - divine!).

This is Harlequeena ballerina bag $139.95 AUD, made from gorgeous recycled fine upholstery fabric. Lovely colours...

Postage has gone up this financial year too as I discovered at Aust Post that express post prices have increased. So it's now $10 or $15 for up to 3 kg bag. All bags come with gorgeous postcards and wrapped, ready to give as a special gift.

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