Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday papers

I found out today via a friend reading the paper that I am in the Sunday Telegraph! This was a photo feature in the Style section on eco-friendly fashion.

Above: my sister

Meanwhile, my sister and family have gone back to Newcastle after a very event-filled long weekend. I think we are all exhausted! They have just called as they have lost a wallet so we will begin hunting for that.

Little Eli didn't sleep well last night so Aunty Kara had a nap today!

Justin, Eli and Steven on the Scenic Railway. It was so scary but great to be down on the forest floor.


Emmarose said...

Sunday Telegraph woah! Well done 'it girl!' :)

magikquilter said...

That is great Kara about to link to some of your other media in the discussion panel of the you have this one on flickr yet?

Lovely photos of your are game doing that scenic ride preggers!!!! Have a good sleep is the dog and your cold?

Kara said...

MQ, it was terrifying. I was laughing and crying the whole way down clutching my sister's knee!

The dog rolled in something dead so had to be washed in the freezing weather (me with a hose outside)! I could have killed her...

Cold is good now. Just a bit snuffly...