Monday, July 21, 2008

World catholic youth day

This is the beautiful Bison milk jug that I got for my birthday yesterday from Angela. Isn't it sweet? I have been eyeing these off for a while... maybe I will have to get a little collection going as there are 3 sizes.

Who is glad the World Youth Day is over?

I am, and I wasn't even in the city to feel the full weight of it all. I guess I am more annoyed that it is proclaimed a 'World Youth Day' when it really is just about catholic youth! I wonder if people would react so favourably if it was a special day for Morman Youth or another religion? Anyway, I am atheist so you can see my views are more about being equal for all religions and beliefs.... some religions tend to 'rule the world'. Enough of my rants!


Bec said...

So hearin' ya. And totally agree. Something that is called 'World Youth Day' should be about 'all' youth of 'any and all' religious (or non-religious) persuasions...

...oh, and lovely jug too!! (lucky you only have one or that might have sounded like a Benny Hill comment :P)

Kara said...

Hee hee! Its always nice to have a coupla lovely jugs!

Chooks'r'us said...

Yes I wonder if we'll ever see a World Muslim Youth Day getting such a warm welcome here?

You are lucky getting a little Bison jug - the whole range is beautiful.

Kara said...

Yes chooky, I didn't want to say that myself but know that Mormans also get a rough deal... My 82 year old grandmother actually said it first. She wondered if Muslims would get such warm and enthusiasm from government etc! (She is pretty quick!).

magikquilter said...

I woke up yesterday and could not believe the more helicopters! Yay! I take your point about other faiths maybe not being invited or whatever it was that happened here but I do wonder if other faiths would be prepared to be so transparent in their services etc many faiths do not like the outside world to know what they get up to in their worship services and their dogma etc.

Saw that the money amount was in from NSW Chamber of Commerce ...230 odd million not know if that is profit and obviously would like to know how much we put in as well.

Speaking as an extremely disadvantaged Sydneysider living in Randwick I was impressed and heartened by the goodwill which was generated and also by he images of Sydney as we have never and may never see it again....empty George Street and the pilgrims and Sydneysider's co existing as they did was an eyeopener. We are such a materialistic city an was amazing that this meshed as well as it did.

Happy late birthday Kara anfd am following the hospital thing on the news...did you go to the demo meeting at the hospital? Sounds like nobody wants to go too Lithgow and no wonder...what only two obstetric beds?????? Don't they have any midwives living up there or is there just no money for staffing? Unbelievable.