Saturday, July 12, 2008

The time for colds

For a while now I have been a Vitamin C, garlic and ecchinaecia fiend - and not had problems with things like the common cold. In the last month I ran out of tablets and sort of made it a low priority to get another container. Then eventually stopped thinking about taking my daily dose.

Now I have a stupid fully blown cold. It has been harassing me this week - sneezing, coughing, bright red ruddy scraped nose, exhaustion, red rimmed eyes and lots of tears (of the cold kind, not the sobbing kind).

There are clumps of grotty tissues scattered, I lay collapsed on the couch with pillows under my head, a big blanket on top and a scarf wrapped madly around my neck (remember it is the Mountains here so its cold... though I do look mad). I have a honking nasal twang and can't seem to pull myself together.

I hate it!

Today we went to my dear friend Karie's wedding at Balmain. I could hardly drag myself out of the house, and the 1.5 hour drive there was a killer. Once we got there I could only sit there and honk into tissues so at least it looked like I was crying for the bride! I only lasted a couple of hours and wanted to get back into bed.

I keep thinking about the Vitamin C pills and how quickly can I get them. But I know it doesn't work that way once you are sick. You have to take them BEFORE you get sick and stick to them.

I can't even take drugs (of the chemist kind) with this baby inside me. So it's hot lemon, ginger and honey drinks, peppermint tea and hot lavender baths.

Time to watch 'Sabrina' on ABC. Good ole Audrey is perfect for a Saturday night in with a cold!

Any good home remedies that you know work?


willywagtail said...

Don't feel too bad. Everyone up here in Forster/Tuncurry has had or is having that cold so I bet it is all around Australia and it is a really bad one. When you get to the the coughing because your throat is driving you mad stage you could try the onion syrup remedy - it's not as bad as it seems. Layer slices of onion with either honey or sugar and allow to draw the juices out of the onion. I always made it with sugar and my kids couldn't get enough of it. (You only consume the syrup not the onion!) All the best. Cherrie. P.S. Hubby might like to take it as well if your worried about onion breath but I don't actually remember that being a problem.;-)

boxofglory said...

Oh, you poor dear. I hope you feel better soon. Try swallowing a few cloves of garlic down with water... garlic is a known flu-fighter!

I usually just overdose on vitamin C and ecchinaecia!

Bec said...

Ick! It's so horrible being sick when you're pregnant (and all the "make you feel better" drugs are not an option). I remember getting influenza with my last pregnancy and it was just awful. The things I found worked best were:

1. vapouriser - these are GOLD and they are also about the only thing that helps a little baby with a cold also, so you'd find it's a great investment anyway. Get them from a chemist. You keep your bedroom nice and humid and warm and it really helps with a blocked nose, sore throats, and coughs!!! Otherwise, just do the whole boiling water in a bowl with a towel over your head thing, for some temporary relief.

2. Saltwater spray - helps clear your nose, and again, it is something that you can use on a baby if they're unfortunate enough to get a cold when they're little.

3. Lavander Baby balsam (just from the supermarket) is lovely rubbed on your chest and back. Not sure that it does a real lot, but it does just make you feel comforted.

4. Cough lollies, panadol, water, & sleep/rest.

Not a great exciting list I know, but maybe something in it might help you feel better. If nothing else just keep repeating - "it will pass"....

Kara said...

Thanks guys. Great ideas!

Just out of the lavendar bath again and back into a freshly made up bed. Trying to drink some water to get the fluids back up and just ordered home made chicken soup for tonight... mmm...

Emmarose said...

Rub vix on the soles of your feet before bed, and put on a pair of socks. For good measure rub some on your chest and your back as well. Although your partner's eyes might water, it is well worth it! Should help give you a better nigh'ts sleep too. Plus the positive side of being pregnant and not taking chemists drugs is that you can console yourself that you are giving your body a detox for 9 months!