Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby bump

The bump is getting bigger! Here is a photo I took of my baby bump on Monday at 22.5 weeks (23 weeks on Thursday). It's getting bigger, more movement and harder to get around. Little baba ghanoush likes disco dancing all night it seems, which wakes me up and reminds me she is there.

My 82 year old grandma didn't understand the baba ghanoush joke and thought it was a name we were seriously considering.

Lower back pain seems to be my new best friend. Walking compounds it but yoga is great. I got a massage ($75 for an hour... eek!) so don't think that will be happening each week but it completely took the pain away for 2 days. I bought a wheat pack on the weekend and can't understand how I lived before without one!


magikquilter said...

Hi baby girl and mum! Um Kara...lately I have had about two searches a day for "Kara Smith Sex" you think they are looking for the sex of the baby? weird.

Are you entitled to physio through the local hospital? We put our name down and when it comes up we have a few weeks free physio although they were useless with Chris. Yoga is good and stretches all the ligaments etc. I cannot live without my wheat pack...a lot of people make them as well.....good use of your scraps maybe Kara!!

Kara said...

Thats pretty weird... maybe there is a pornstar with the same name?! Hee hee! Just did a google but nothing comes up.

All going really well here and the baths and wheat packs are great. I am doing yoga and will do a big hike into town today (all steep uphill for 20 mins!).


Hayley Lau said...

Oh wow I almost forgot about the back pain during pregnancy! It's horrible, hey? I didn't really find anything helped much, glad the wheat packs work for you though.

By the way I just started a blog recently and I've linked your blog and website.
Would you be interested in a link exchange?

- Hayley