Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cleaning and nesting

It had been bitter today and I wondered if it might snow. It did, but only briefly - so very pretty.

I must be nesting. I woke up and decided to scrub the kitchen cupboards and want to now get the pantry filled so will go up the shop and get things like canned tomatos and flour! I went through all our cupboards throughout the house and have a huge stack of items ready to go to our local Vinnies for recycling.

Then I got into my wardrobe - arghh! I have been thinking for ages it's time to clean it up. I was getting to the point of flinging items of clothing towards the sliding doors, hoping they'd land and stay there, then quickly slide it closed so it looked ok. I'm now at the pregnancy stage of not being able to wear everything so I stand there in front of it all looking for the 1-2 items I can wear.

So I have pulled everything out and put things away that I will be able to wear again after the baby is born (its a girl too by the way!) in January. I should really take a photo of the wardrobe as I am so pleased with it. All that is hanging up and carefully folded are frumpy oversized items as well as 2 pairs of great maternity pants by Pumpkin Patch I scored cheaply from ebay. Even shoes got a going through. My feet have widened and my favourites no longer sit nicely, just rub across the width of my feet. Yuck. Oh well, thank god for ugg boots up here! I think I will take them to the Powerhouse Markets next week too... and thongs... might as well be comfortable.

Yesterday we went to Penrith's Westfield to get Steven some new clothes. He has got a new job starting in a couple of weeks and is usually hard to convince to shop. Once we got going though, it was hard to stop! He got a gorgeous black short pile velvet blazer for $130 (originally $250) at Myer, 2 pairs of pants and very nice shoes from Jag which were reduced to $49. Of course, we can't find one pair of the pants so must have lost them in Myer. Fingers crossed we get them back as they were $90 and we don't have that sort of money to throw out. I got a fabulous dress by Piper to wear to a wedding in December. It's one of the numerous shifts that are in, originally $100 reduced to $30. It's a good design for a burdgeoning belly so should be ok by then.

We also bought a new fridge and microwave. The fridge we currently have is Steven's from his bachelor days (small, doesn't hold much, good for 1-2 leftover bachelor takeaway meals and that's about it). I'm also not big on microwaves but with the baby coming, and Steven having to travel to the city for work, it will be great to quickly reheat dinner for him.

We got a fabulous ritzy fridge/freezer by Westinghouse with the fridge on top. I can't wait for it to arrive - it seems so posh! It will be handy too, not having to bend down to get in the fridge with a baby in my arms. Westinghouse fridges, by the way, are built in Orange, NSW - another reason we went with them as I always try to get Australian made where I can.


willywagtail said...

Mmm! I seem to remember this so well.For my first baby I made two tent piafores and then my Mum bought me gorgeous red wool fabric and I picked up some navy trouser fabric for dresses. The navy had a white peter pan collar. Looked cute. That was it for the first two babies. I only got real maternity ones with the last one. Those were the days! Thanks for your comment. Cherrie

magikquilter said...

You got snow? Feels like we should have it here. My hands are too cold to sew!!!Better put the heater on....just keeping an eye on it with the higher electricity prices and everything. Might have to bring the machine into our lounge room where there is the least damp and its warmer. I snitched CJ's fake fur bedspread off him for our bed $180 [was $250] of fabulous warmth but can't stay in bed all tempted at present though .

Hello baby girl by the have been busy..organising your wardrobe ..Steven's working wardrobe...hope you find the trousers you lost. Did you get the pram etc.... what about cot? Have discovered some designers in Melbourne who print their own fabric and sell it as I know you are into buying Australian made...very cute Kara think you would like.

Gotta go and try a microwavable wheat bag to warm up my hands...I know am a wimp wouldn't last five minutes where you are!! Lasted six years in England in the eighties but they have central heating and gas booster heaters too...if we have more than one bar or over 1200 watts voltage of our heater on the whole flat shorts out!!!

Kara said...

Hi there,

We have 2nd hand clothes that will be handed down to us from one of my good school friends (she has a 2nd newborn now). Cot is a hand-me-down too. We have laybuyed 3 wheeler pram and cat seat.

Is it cold in Sydney? Its so cold here. Steven went out tonight and there is white everywhere. Hope it sticks around a while.

There are some great fabric designers/printers in Melb! Fabulous to see!

Willywagtail, the dress sounds so cute!

Chooks'r'us said...

It's soo cold up here - good nesting weather! You did very well to get all that done. A little girl! I wonder if she'll carry on the family talent? We've been building the girls a new chook house - not quite as exciting as your kind of nesting but fun all the same!