Sunday, August 24, 2008

Holiday at 'Life's A Beach'

Here are some photos of the fabulous beachhouse we stayed at down at Culburra Beach, "Life's A Beach". These were taken with my new Nikon D60 camera which is fantastic! No more tiny dinky digishots on my little kodak camera!

As a lover of all things vintage, this fibro cottage just across from the beach was a delight! It is completely done up - outside and in - in original 50's style furnishings and colours. We kept walking around saying 'we want one like this'.

I can't believe I didn't get photos of the interior after being there 3 days. Whoops! But the 2 bedrooms had black lady lamps, cute vintage dresses hanging from the wardrobes and great art on the walls.

Don't you love the flamingos!

And to give you an idea, here is me at 20 weeks pregnant. Getting bigger, puffier and started to struggle here and there. We went for a walk around the abandoned lighthouse at the point which was lovely. The fresh sea breeze, lots of sleep, reading and scrabble was just what I needed after 4 days stuck inside at a market.

We both think Nelly, my beloved 8 year old (almost!) stumpy tail cattle/border collie cross had the best time of all. The cottage is dog-friendly so they had a huge supply of doggy toys in the backyard which she kept moving around the yard then carefully placing 3-4 of them into her bed at night. I kept wondering how the neighbours felt about her squeaking her toys continuously first thing at 7am then up to 10pm at night! It sounded like some crazy clown was hooning around the backyard.

But it was the fantastic endless stretch of beach at the end of the street (4 houses up) that won the cake for Nelly. Being winter, no one was down there but I imagine its different in a month or two. It's a dog friendly beach so we went down every day to throw Nelly's frisbee til she tired out and ran into the surf for a cool-down. She is a little hippo that loves to wallow in water, even if its freezing. 

Do you know any dog friendly holiday places? We have stayed at quite a few and found them all to be a fantastic experience.


magikquilter said...

Well hello baby bump! That cottage is divine...the colour outside is amazing.Trust you to find a vintage decorated cottage!! Makes me wonder what little Kara is going to be wearing!!!

Am so glad Nelly had fun and loved her little bitty toys!That beach looks fabulous.....perfect for long walks of the civilized kind. Speaking of walking, David has just completed the Newcastle to Wollongong walk ...he said there was a gorgeous stretch from Bulli to of the lot. And he did not wear through his shoes...good old Rockports!

Kara said...

That is fantastic that David did that walk - it sounds awful to me but thats only as I have a permanently sore back these days. Good on him!

We had a wonderful time. Its so hard to be motivated again!

Angela said...

Hi there! I couldn't resist leaving a comment for this - my first time contribution to your blog! we found dog-friendly accom on where we found Rock Lily cottages on the South Coast It is not as near to the coast as you were but an amazing mountain hideaway. Ang x

Bec said...

Wow, this looks so lovely - boy what I'd give for 4 days away at the moment!!!! Your baby bump is coming along very nicely too :) Hope your back is not too sore - I remember it was my feet that were always sore when I was pregnant. I lived with my little portable foot spa almost permanently attached!! Great to hear of such a lovely place being dog friendly too - we have a great book called 'holidaying with dogs' that we used to use a lot - pre-kids that is. Now I wouldn't know a holiday if it came up and bit me :P
Cheers, Bec