Friday, August 8, 2008

My new apron!

Rachel's final work experience day this week has finished off with a FAB new apron for me to wear to markets. Isn't it lovely? It has been designed to accommodate my growing waist with the baby in mind.

She recreated the handbag (which is on my business card) as a pocket on the side of the apron so I can keep bits 'n' bobs on hand. The logo even has a button over the 'i'! It has a lot of rustic charm and I wonder if I will get enquiries on how to get one of these... Hmmm, Rachel might have a new business.

New on my website is sets of gift tags. I have uploaded a couple of these with more to come! They are made out of exclusively fine wallpapers, stitching and thread to attach to your presents. All handmade by me with recycling and the environment in mind.


magikquilter said...

Go Rachel!!! She is talented....does she know what she wants to do when she leaves school? And, is she coming to the markets too?

Kara said...

MQ, she will be coming down next Friday to check out the markets, meet some designers and I have instructed her to ask them lots of questions ie. where did they study and how did they get into what they are doing!