Thursday, August 7, 2008

Playing with vintage dresses and the snow

Today was a great trip down towards Hartley to see the wonderful, ever-growing couture collection (Darnell Collection) owned by Charlotte Smith. I thought this would be really interesting for Rachel's work experience - and I must admit, I always get a thrill seeing these beautiful items of vintage clothing - so its also about me! 

We got to put on white gloves and help Charlotte sort through some of her latest acquisitions including debuntanté dresses, swimsuits, jet beaded dresses, parasols, real 1930's leopardskin jackets, edwardian morning jackets, 80's crazy suede suits and a wonderfully bizarre 1950's Australian mauve silk dress with full skirt from Cowra. This dress had gold beading done in a wheat stalk arrangement across the bodice and skirt - perhaps a contestant in the Cowra Show sixty years ago?

I have also uploaded 2 more of my 10tote range. There is more just about done, but the weather has come over so no good for photography. As we drove back from Hartley there was thick snow falling all the way back to Katoomba... beautiful.

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