Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sick in the stomach

Last night we stayed up and watched Alien (1979), which I have to say stands up nicely to time and is a great movie. With Sigourney Weaver (who just gets better looking as she gets older... totally unfair!), John Hurt and Harry Dean Stanton, this terrific cast makes for a very scary movie.

I first watched this on video with my younger sister probably around 1981, which would have made me 8 and her 6. Someone in our family put it on - terrifying for young children - then proceeded to rewind and show the stomach bursting/birth scene again and again. How cruel can you get? This has stuck with me forever.

Anyway... went to have a late night lavender bath then get into bed. I felt crook in the bath but just thought I had the water temp. a little hot or something. Woke up at 3am with excrutiating pain in my abdomen so I couldn't lie still and felt like I had my own stomach bursting scene, albeit from either end (sorry, too much info)!

By 7am I had demanded it was time to go to Emergency and lay there for a few hours on drips and drugs and various things. I was quite teary and upset but figured it must be the pregnancy hormones. Thankfully, they sent a maternity nurse around and I got to hear my little one's heartbeat (138 bpm) and Steven was there so it brought a smile to my face. The baby was kicking around in there which they thought might be a reaction to the pain of all my internal organs at the time.

Then it was time for the drip. I hate drips, I just cannot relax with them in me so I squirm and make myself even more nauseous. Listening to people moan in Emergency sick beds makes for a very good personal zombie movie, and I finally asked if I could just be released.

So its now 3:40pm and I feel 'ok'. I have been in bed all day trying to sleep it off and have managed a piece of toast. I am so sick of being sick and seem to be sensitive to everything at the moment. I really felt for John Hurt's character in Alien - it must have been mighty painful!


magikquilter said...

This is terrible on so many levels...firstly who lets kids that age watch Alien? It still freaks me out and remember being terrified when it first came out.

Secondly you get the tummy thing as well as having the vomiting thing. Do you know why you had the pain? Did they say? Its strange how it is so frightening at home but when we are in emergency we just want to come home! It was good that you went as you need to keep an eye on these things and dare I say preparation for the birth...have you discussed drugs yet? Lots of them?

Hope this finds you feeling a lot better.... Kathleenxxx

Kara said...

Hi there,

I think the pain has gone this morning. Just a weird sensation on my side but I have an ultrasound before the work experience girl arrives (rush, rush) so I will get it all checked out. The doctor started worrying about my gallbladder but no history of that prob in our family.


Chooks'r'us said...

Hi Kara - I wonder if there is a bug going around? I had the same thing from Fri night, all day Sat and finally stopped vomiting Sat pm. It was horrible and I had an awful pain in my side whenever I tried to eat anything. I was so relieved when it was over and I have less to worry about than you! Hope you are feeling better - take it easy. Jacqui

Kara said...

That's weird Jacqui, maybe it is the same thing? We went down to Springwood on Saturday and ate down there. I thought maybe the food from the takeaway might have been dodgy but Steven was fine.

I'm still sore everywhere now but eating and not nauseas. Its a strange sensation!

magikquilter said...

Glad you are feeling better though sore.....hope the ultrasound works out okay. Had my gall bladder out some time ago and someone else here is having symptoms as well.

Chooks'r'us said...

hm, it does sound like you've got something different if you are still in pain. The pain I had passed when the vomiting stopped. I also heard that my friend in Katoomba had the vomiting thing on Fri/Sat so there must be something around. Good luck with the ultrasound.