Thursday, August 14, 2008

What to name your baby?

Steven and I have started up a list. We have decided not to share it yet as there is always some negative comment. You know, "oh I once knew a Hortense (or insert any other crazy name idea) and she was really mean at school." Who cares? Do I know her? Will she be around the baby with her mean ways?

Jess in London sent a website about baby names. It is actually very funny and here is an excerpt:

I just found out that I am expecting a baby girl! I'm debating between a few girls names. Tell me what you think.
Lorelei Jakarta
(yes i know its an indonesian city but i think its exotic)

Beyonce Noelle

Heaven Starr

Yes. Exotic. As exotic as martial law. Meanwhile, in your madness you've gone and concocted one of the best Playmate names ever.

I really don't like names re-spelt in crazy ways. It's so very Kath & Kim (ie 'Epponnee Rae') and some of the classics are getting such a big workout again. So much pressure to find a decent name that this child will have all it's life, unless it decides to become Epponnee Rae itself.

The surname is Brozovich - and yes, Erin Brozovich has been suggested a couple of times!

Post your name इदास below - I would love to hear them!


Anna Laura said...

I've got a girl and boy name lined up , but like you said, they are little secrets. No plans for kids mind you but I love love love hearing about baby names. One name I am really fond of is Audrey though.

My suggestions are to keep it in the family and do a bit of research on what relatives were called, going back at least to great great grandparents and uncles and aunts. I think as humans we don't go so well when we have too much choice so if you have 8-10 possible names to chose from and select the best then it makes it a lot easier.

I have to say I'm pretty up with girls names from the little badge ladies, I've got 30+ pages of 24 sheet stickers for my badge ladies, so I've seen the best and worst on offer. Actually Eppoonye Raey (I decided to change the spelling, always add a y to make it klassy!) is the worst on offer and I didn't include that.

I think I chatted to Dan at Rose Street (I think he was there when you were there, right in front of you with lovely silver jewellery) all day about what he could call his daughter just before she was born!

Hayley Lau said...

Awh how exciting. We ended up deciding on Elliot May, we mostly call her Ellie though. It was the first name we came up with but I didn't decide for sure until I had her in my arms and the nurse asked what her name was.. and I was too pumped up from the birth to give it a good thinking. No regrets, though. I love it.

I found my list of prospects and on it were:

I still love the sound of Adeleid but I think it looks awful.

Bec said...

I totally agree with keeping the names to yourselves. There will always be someone who won't like what you have chosen and will be more than happy to tell you why!!! Matt and I didn't tell anyone the names of both our kids either. We figured that once they were born, then even if people didn't really like the names, then at least they would have the good grace to pretend that they did :P

And sorry, no suggestions on names here. All I can advise is to think like a 10 year old kid, and make sure the initials don't spell anything bad, and that the name can't be turned into anything too embarrassing (I remember working with someone who swore they went to school with two brothers whose surname was Nuss, and their names were Peter and Andrew. When you put the initials with the last name it's not pretty....) ANYWAY, whatever name you choose will be absolutely prefect for your baby - it always works out that way :D