Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy bee today

My girlfriend Jess bought me these cute little things from the UK - bit of a theme happening. Top left is a vintage sewing kit!

Photos of Nelly for Waggle's dog gallery. I bought her a new spunky red & pink polkadot collar (she even matches the cushion on the lounge) from their site. I have a dress in red & pink polkadots too! You can't see her collar in the second photo as she has a bit of a problem with her middle-aged 'waddle' neck!

I rearranged my work studio this morning. Since I'm back at home at 6am, after dropping Steven to the station to go to work, I start pretty much straight away myself. By midday I am beat! I've tided everything up and moved 2 heavy desks around (naughty pregnant lady). I love the new fabric Mum gave me (flung over the back of the chair).

I love this tea towel - it sums me up perfectly although I'm actually not a messy person... just in my head!


Amy said...

That fabric looks gorgeous Kara, no wonder you love it! And those shoes from your friend are fabulous! I hope you will enjoy wearing those :)

Vegan and Vintage said...

Those shoes are so cute, such a great design idea, love it