Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dolls and other girly things...

I have never considered myself very 'girly' but do love a doll. This photo of me (on left) with my sister and our favourite baby dolls does look particularly girly though... we were dressing up in some 60's nightdresses with our dolls. My grandparents bought these for us specially for Christmas one year (don't you just love their wallpaper?).

So I started thinking, "oh, how fun, I get to buy my little girl dolls" when she is born (and a little older). Here is some fun ones I have found so far on etsy but I still love that whiffy smell of 80's plastic dolls when they come out of boxes. 

Do dolls still smell like that? I think the last doll purchased in our household was my sister's awful Cabbage Patch Kid (I was too old for them). I can't stand Bratz dolls (they look like porn stars) but still love classic Barbie dolls with 60's make-up.

Years ago, when in New York, I bought a Gene Doll for myself from FAO Schwartz. She is beautiful with 50's red catseye sunglasses, full skirt, stockings and handbag, and looks just like Jayne Mansfield (one of my idols).

Evening Gala Barbie : FAO Schwartz $50 USD (yes, she's new!)

Now, if you haven't been to FAO Schwartz, you are really missing out. It is absolutely mindblowing! I couldn't control myself. There were levels and levels of toys all categorised so there was a Barbie level, Star Wars, etc.

My grandmother had a stack of vintage Barbies we used to play with, complete with Skipper, Ken, and all the gang plus loads of accessories. She sold them all in the 80's which is a shame. She had, as a girl, a dolls house that had working lights too... oooh doll's houses!

Maybe I am girlier that I thought.


little luxury said...

hi kara

thanks for or comment.I love the doll houses to and everything that goes with it,furnitures and fabrict,very pretty!
BUT my 14 year daughter is not interested anymore, m 6 year old daughter doesn,t pla with dolls and my 4 ear old is a BOY.
But in abot a week time I am gonna have my baby and guess is a GIRL.So maybe........

regards Laura

Kara said...

Boys stuff just isn't as fun for me... though my partner is excited about a racing car set for our baby (?!).

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Speaking of "oooh doll's houses!" can I insert a shameless plug here for my exhibition of dolls' houses 1957-2007 at Canberra Museum and Gallery from 7th October to 26th January?

I've been blogging each house here:

Kara said...

Of course you can! I am sooo disappointed as we are going to Canberra 4-6 October so will miss the exhibition!!!