Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love my new banner

My new display banner arrived yesterday. The picture of Belle came out really clear and it's really pretty visually... and it's massive at 1.8m tall! (I kept a bit of the doorway on the right to give you an idea). As long as its not windy, I will take this to Leura Markets next month but otherwise it will definately be at the Lindesay xmas gift fair.

Plus... there are more ballerina bag styles uploaded to my site. I was supposed to have them all uploaded this week but just can't keep up with it all. Check out the new styles!


Bec said...

Wow, your banner is just gorgeous. How exciting!!! And of course so are the new bags - just beautiful, and the fabric is divine!!!

Kara said...

Thanks Bec!


Kara said...
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magikquilter said...

It is a great banner I always love that shot of Belle.

Swirlyarts said...

Hi there,

Love the bags and I just wanted to let you know that I've featured them on Cuteable today.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Yummy fabric! Just found your blog, will be back!