Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New ballerina bags and cravings

The last 4 ballerina bags are finally up on my site as promised weeks ago! I just love this fabric (above) for Ganges. I have 2, each with its own unique and fabulous button on the front pocket. The gold sparkly 60's one at the top is pretty cute.

Every day I get up after 5am to get my partner to the station to go to work. He's now working in the city which is 2 hours each way on the train. It's not so bad for him as he is a bookaholic so can read, but it's a killer for me to be up at that time of the morning then back to the station 7:15pm!

I usually just start working from about 6am so by 1pm I'm feeling I'm just about ready to finish. This seems so weird when everyone is just having their lunch and halfway through the day!

I'm trying not to work too hard, and forcing myself to slow down and stop the ridiculous 12 hour days of old. Anyway, I can't do them when I'm pregnant. The vagueness, sleepiness and hunger usually stops me.

Here is my current list of food cravings (these do change but I am pretty fixated):
Banana Paddlepops - bought in packs of 10 (just for convenience.. hee hee)
Snickers & Picnics (definately NOT a low fat snack. I only ever eat 1 but could easily eat 2-3 in a sitting)
Cheese and avocado on toast (all melted and gooey)
Oranges/grapefruits/any citrus

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