Wednesday, September 17, 2008

White teeth

Don't you just hate going to the dentist? I have just come back. My front tooth was cracked and needed a touch up on the front (it's capped). After HCF pitched in it was still $137. Wowee! I think I chose the wrong profession.

But the maddest thing of all... I came back and scoffed 2 chocolates that my girlfriend brought me over from the UK. No, not little chocolates from a box, 2 large, hefty, days worth of calories per bar kinda chocolates! Disgusting!

On another note... here is some handbags uploaded to my site: Donatella, Sally Sue Stripes and Sonia (Sonia is on sale/old stock).

Tomorrow night, the Gussy Up Gals are getting together at my house for a get together. No men or children, just a nice catch up with pizza and tv! Maybe we will even get creative with some new ideas!

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