Monday, October 13, 2008

Early Monday morning

I always feel a little run over after a big market and Leura was no exception! We had a really big weekend, yet it was the closest market I have done to home. 

Thank you to everyone that came and said hi and to people that bought my handmade handbags. I have now only got one scarf left so deciding if that's something I should be doing in time for the Lindesay xmas market next month or wait til winter gets closer. Totes seemed to be the popular bag sold - I can just never tell what it will be each market!

Saturday saw us pack up just in time before the storm hit - but unluckily, the gals around us got hit (and Steven, since he was helping everyone pack up). Sunday was perfect weather and made for a really enjoyable day out.

A special 'thank you' to Lauren who came to visit Saturday and pick up her 2 new clutches. She is a pastry chef and brought me homemade CHOCOLATE BROWNIES! Oh my god, they were divine! Lauren, I ate two then graciously shared the other two with Steven and Giotta.


Anonymous said...

How (kind of) bizarre. Was on Romina's email list so went to your site, veered into your blog and happened to read this post about the Leura Fair. I surprised hubby with a Sunday night at Lilianfels last night, so we were actually at the fair on Sunday. Wish I had found your stand. Your work is divine!

Kara said...

Wow - its a small world! I'm also going to be at the Lindesay xmas fair at Potts Point next month 20-22 November.