Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going to the dentist

This morning I'm going back to the dentist to get another old-style filling removed (you know, the chunky dark mercury kind) and in it's place, one of these new fangled WHITE fillings.

I've already had one done a couple of weeks ago and really need about 2-3 fixed up a.s.a.p. As I'm getting bigger and more pregnant, it's hard to lay flat on my back for an hour straight, so I'm going to see how this one goes today then decide if one more can be squeezed in this year.

It's such a horrible and expensive thing to do. We all let it slide yet teeth are so important. I don't enjoy it one bit and have always had horrible teeth that require something done to them at every visit. The dentist I go to now even makes me wear a dental dam - if you have never experienced this, it's a sort of Hannibal Lector meets prostitute style moment! (Aren't they the only ones using dams in mouths???).

I was given some sort of bad 1970's medicine as a child (I think for German Measles??) so a few of my teeth went brown and I remember a few kids having this. Fortunately, most were baby teeth but my 2 front teeth were affected and have veneers covering the yuckiness.

I just want the morning to be over...


Bec said...

Eeeeek - good luck with it. I also have awful teeth that are full of mercury fillings and always need work done on them. I just got my 6 month checkup reminder and I'm putting it off again....waaahhhh, I hate the dentist!!!
I think you're very brave :D

Kara said...

I know, but its gotta be done. Nothing worse than someone with really bad mouldy teeth.

I have another sparkling white filling so if I flung my head back and laughed, people would think I have pearly whites for all my top teeth (but not the bottom)! But I don't tend to fling my head back and laugh anyway...