Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been googled by someone - a blast from my past!

It must be 18 years ago that we went out together for a while. I would have been about 17... but my memory is hazy.

We had originally met at the Coogee Beach New Years Eve carnival when I was about 15. I remember being with all my girlfriends from my old school Randwick Girls High and I think we'd shared a hip flask of rum between 10 of us making us 'pissed'. All wearing our best skin tight straight pencil skirt style dotti dresses that had come out around then ($29.95) and feeling very grown up! After listening to 'New Years Day' by U2 played by the carny folk, a pash on the beach, I had decided he was way too old as I think he was working in his 1st year as a plumber and I was in Year 9. Somehow we got together a couple of years later, at 17, when I was 'grown up'!

Makes it sound like a very Mondo Rock moment... (make sure your sound is up - but not too high if you are at work and your boss isn't into Aussie Rock c 1984).

Don't you just love the speedos and belted high waist cozzie?

Googling... it's something we all do but not always admit. The web has opened up communication that you can find out practically anything about anyone. Have you been googled and met someone again from your past?

Facebook is a big one for that. I have a lot of 'friends' but how many do you really keep up with?


magikquilter said...

I was found by my school friend just before my birthday this month...had not seen her since 1980 and then I moved to England , got married so she did not know my name...and she divorced during that time also.

So I guess you are not going to meet up? My friend lives in Korea ...yeah we find each other and then that....oh well, she comes back regularly.

Hope the doctor and dentist went okay and everything is going well.

Kara said...

Hi there K,

You are up early!!! Yes, he'd like to catch up for a coffee when I'm next in the city. It's just me getting to there. So busy with the lead up to Lindesay xmas gift fair and only have a few more weeks before I can longer stray 'off the mountain' with this pregnancy. It would be nice to catch up and say hi.