Monday, October 27, 2008

Newcastle weekend

Uncle Steven and my nephew Eli

We had a lovely weekend up at Newcastle visiting my sister and her family. Their little miners cottage is looking great with renovations happening. Steven and I babysat on Saturday night which went pretty smoothly and I think he's going to be a terrific dad!

Steven even said that Newcastle was pretty cool after we spent some time at Darby Street... mainly cos he found a great secondhand bookstore.

We visited the lovely Suzi at Three Little Birds in Darby Street. She has some wonderful gifts there. I got an Apple & Bee environmentally friendly organic cotton make-up bag (the one at the front - above) for my hospital stay and I picked up some great Peapods nappies - I am trying a variety of styles of these newer washable eco-friendly nappies to see what works best for us, but will still use some compostable disposables too.

Ingrid (who is also pregnant!) and Kara (almost 30 weeks pregnant!)

I really felt the heat up there, being pregnant and not so used to it, since the weather is milder in the Mountains. I got some great 60's geometric fabric as well as some vintage bits for the baby's room. Steven scored a fab 60's Qantas travel bag which he wanted as 'his' baby bag - but I think it will do for both of us!

Last night I started to get really clucky and the nesting instinct really came out. I scrubbed down the great change table I scored (off the street up here!) and started sorting the baby clothes we have so far into 000's and 00's. I have a separate crate filled with hand-me-downs from friends that go up to size 2! My book says to start getting ready at week 30 - and I am starting to feel anxious that it's ALL I want to do these days...

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Anonymous said...

Kara you're going to be such a great mumma! Can't wait to see some of the new bags you create from your new found fabrics too!
Leeloo ;-)