Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our trip to Canberra

Back to the grind... sigh!

Our trip to Canberra was so much fun: shopping, food, bookstores, food, galleries, cake and coffee/food.

We stopped at a few 2nd hand haunts along the way and I managed to pick up some great stuff. Fabric, of course, but I also scored the most amazing 60's red wool coat. We saw this funny feté on our way to Canberra and quickly pulled over. Had a lot of junk, moth-eaten spider plants (why are they everywhere for sale?), and of course the sausage sizzle.

At the back, someone had a stall with clothes and shoes. It looked pretty bad but I decided to have a look. I saw a big red 60's wool jacket hanging up and amazingly, it fitted me, even with baby belly. It is 60% wool/40% mohair with gorgeous buttons and collar. I asked how much it was and the old girl replied with a sigh, "A dollar - I'm glad you like it. Its so bulky and in the way of all my other clothes. I'll be glad to get rid of it." WHAT?! Then I picked up a 60's bottle green suede coat and again, it was $1. I kinda gulped and quickly stashed the items under my arm and kept looking. Most other things were pretty bad but I will definately be going back to see what else turns up. The prices were ridiculous!

Then we continued down the highway and I saw a massive 2nd hand outlet. They were having a manchester sale so my eyes were getting blurry and I was gasping to pull over quickly. I got 2 lots of fantastic original fabric - you just don't see a lot of really great stuff anymore and this shop had certainly been picked over - but check out this divine 60's fabric in pinks, oranges and reds. I got about 4 metres of it!!!

And finally, here is some photos of me in Canberra (above at Parliament House). I have been asked about my short hair cut - you can see I got about 25cm chopped from the ends! I am 26.5 weeks pregnant now and sort of waddle about.

At the sculpture garden gallery at the National Gallery in Canberra.


Dawn said...

Okay....I am SO coming shopping with you! What a gorgeous haul of wonderful fabs and coats!

And you look gorgeous with the new 'do!

Kara said...

Thanks Dawn! Its harder to feel nice the bigger you get! I am still ecstatic about the coat and fabrics!

Chooks'r'us said...

woa!!! that fabric is AMAZING - my friend would go nuts over a bag made out of it!! I'm so jealous of your bargains - I love everything 60s and green suede too...sigh. And red wool...sigh. Leura was mental last Friday so I didn't come up for the Fair but will pop in to say hi at the Lindsay market in November