Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretty things

I have a full-blown cold and sore throat now which started Sunday. I have cancelled everything for the week in the hope that just some bed rest will make me feel better. It's hard not to work though!

Yesterday, Freedom turned up with these lovely flowers as a congratulations! I took a photo this morning of them with my two Awards (which could make great bookends...). Then later in the afternoon Zoe & Linda turned up to fix my Apple Airport thingy and to give me a piece of delicious homemade chocolate cake that was devoured pretty quickly!

This is the 'score' I picked up on Saturday at the Vintage Fashion & Textiles Fair in Sydney. I gas-bagged so long with Simone and Karie that I had to race around last minute to grab what I liked!!! (Probably a good thing as there was lots more I could have bought). The hat box is just so lovely and the fabric interior is perfect. The two large pieces of vintage barkcloth will be bags soon...

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Chooks'r'us said...

oo...I love the look of those fabrics! Esp. the brown and orange one. How much fun is that fair!