Thursday, October 23, 2008

This weekend

Tomorrow we are heading off for a weekend at my sisters place in Newcastle. Yay, I get to see my favourite little nephew, Eli! My cold is slowly easing off so I hope I'm in good form for the weekend. I am having a lovely massage to relieve my lower back pain in the morning, then getting in the car with my sidekick Nelly the wonder dog and heading off.

I will try to get in to see Suzi at Three Little Birds on Darby Street. And if I remember to take my camera, I'll get some photos of her fab shop and post them on my blog.

It's gotten really cold up here in the Mountains again - what is going on with the weather? We apparently had snow here yesterday though it looked more like hail to us where we live.

Have a great weekend!

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Lucy C said...

Hi Kara,
I am trying to get together a list of Blue Mountains Bloggers to hopefully organise a get together sometime.
I have put your site on my list at