Saturday, November 29, 2008


We have just come back from seeing the movie, Australia. It's had mixed reviews but I didn't care as I have been dying to see it. And I'm happy to say we both really enjoyed it!

Yes, it is a bit corny - but that is also Baz Luhrmann's colourful style which I'd expect to be bigger than Ben Hur in this piece. A few people have even commented to me, "Oh it's just an Australian version of 'Gone With the Wind'". But that has always been what it's about - do people not know that???

I got a bit teary but don't know if that's my hormones at the moment or if the movie effected others in the cinema. And I LOVED seeing the landscapes and remoteness of Australia, as I do really miss the Northern Territory after living there for 4 years.

Brandon Walters does steal the show as Nullah as everyone has already proclaimed, but it's David Gulpilil, again, that is the most charismatic person on the screen for me. He is an incredible actor and dancer.

I urge you to go and see it - and make up your own mind.

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