Friday, November 28, 2008

Design A Space

As of 21st December, 2008 I will be taking up space at Design A Space in Manchester Lane, Melbourne. This is a really exciting opportunity and urge you to get down and check it out if you haven't already!

Bec and I have been talking about me moving my handmade handbags in there for quite some time, but I finally think the time is right. Being in the city of Melbourne is perfect and I hope the bags work well there.

Design A Space is a new and exciting creative retail concept. Developed to promote original and beautiful designs by free thinking talent, it is the first retail gallery of its kind throughout Australia. Design A Space provides an opportunity for independent Australian designers to rent out a high profile retail space.


Stephanie said...

Kara that's fantastic!!! I have only 2 things to do in Melbourne. 1. Visit my bestcraft friend ever. 2. Get her to come to Design A Space with me as I have wanted to since they first opened. So jealous Kara, so so jealous!!

Kara said...

Yes, now I have an excuse to 'pop' down to Melbourne next year!!! With a newborn!