Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy birthday Nelly

Update: Nelly is Model Dog of the Month on Waggle! Zoe sent this through yesterday - so the birthday gal is really showing off!

Today is Nelly's birthday - she is 8 years old. I have just given her a big meaty lamb shank which she was pretty happy about. I guess it's sorta like cake!

I got Nelly from the St George Animal Shelter (now Sydney Dogs & Cats Home). My ex and I went looking for a dog approx 6 months old which usually means the pups have had one go at a home and have been sent back for some misdemeanor (which, I might add, is usually the owners fault for bad/zero training). Round and round we went looking at all these lovely, boisterous kids. The staff kept saying to look at the smaller pups so finally we went and had a look... 

Nelly at 8 weeks old - more like a little bear or ewok without a tail!

In one of the cages were 2 female stumpy tail cattle dogs/border collie cross pups. 8 weeks old and very, very cute. Her and her siblings had come down from a farm near Port Macquarie and only the 2 were left. Of course the staff wanted us to take both girls - NO WAY! Nelly was more cattle dog coloured (ie blue/tan chest and legs) while her sister was black with pure white markings and looked more border collie. Nelly raced to the front of the cage and madly licked us and wanted to be with us while her sister hung back, much more shy (which is never the right thing in a dog). Her sister was much prettier (I hate to say it) but Nelly was such an explosion of character even then that we knew we'd found our dog!

Since then Nelly has seen me through a divorce in Alice Springs, travelled around Australia with me, living in Sydney, Darwin, Alice, Brisbane and now the Blue Mountains. She has seen more of Australia than most Australians! Nelly loves nothing more than a car trip and as soon as the car is getting packed, she secures her spot sitting there all day if she has too - even though we tell her it will be hours before we leave!

I can't wait for Nelly to meet our baby. She is fantastic with kids and very easy. Cattle dogs can be notoriously jealous so I will be watching her closely. 

She is a terrific guard dog (has proven herself) but she is also a push-over. Any balls, frisbee or kids toys are usually in her mouth, ready to play with whoever is available.

I will always support rescue dog homes over choosing a breeder. There is always an abundance of fantastic animals in pounds, dumped because people are unwilling to take the time to train, decided the cute puppy wasn't quite right/right breed from the pet store, or don't get their pets neutered. 

Big pats to your lovely pet! x


Car said...

Awww - Happy Birthday Nellie :) hope you have a wonderful day!

how cute is that puppy picture???

willywagtail said...

Dogs are great for helping us through crisis. Even if they are not the most beautiful ones we end up loving them so . Cherrie

Em said...

Think Nelly deserves a Kara Smith Doggy scarf don't you?:)

Kara said...

She is so spoilt! She is sitting here trying to get me to play with her but I have a few more things to do then its time for a nap...

Anonymous said...

..ok, this is officially my second ever comment on a blog! but, that pic of Nelly as an ewok pup melts my heart.. it's just so damn cute! giotta x

Anonymous said...

So nicely written Kara - I can so relate to that closeness with your mutt!
Happy birthday Nellie from Leeloo!