Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nappy nazi

Modern cloth nappies: MCN. All in Ones: AIO. One Size Fits All: OSFA. Work At Home Mum: WAHM. These are just some of the abbreviations I have been learning lately, and just to do with nappies!

For the older generation, you don't use terry squares anymore, now it's MCN all the way! This is mind-boggling as there is a HUGE array of nappies available in cotton, hemp, bamboo, fleece, wool, etc. Then some are AIO's and others need a cover. Some come from newborn to toddler size and some fit all with adjustable buttons and so forth. Then some don't work for boys, but great for girls. Bamboo is more absorbent and takes longer to dry...

So where do I start? How do you know what to do? It's hard enough trying to work out a newborn's needs without the fuss of nappies too!

I have bought some Peapods on ebay and will be getting more of these. Then was recommended Baby Beehinds for night-time so maybe I need a trial pack of these too?

On top of this, I am very aware of the environmental impact nappies have.

Did you know that disposables are supposed to be scraped of their waste before putting into plastic bag in the rubbish?
I haven't seen this done yet by a mum. Approx. 3.75 MILLION disposable nappies are dumped into our ground every single day, throughout Australia and New Zealand alone (from here). Not being a complete nappy nazi, I will be keeping a stack of disposables on hand, but will try to make MCN's work for us - then if we have a second child, it will be wonderful to be able to reuse these nappies a 2nd time around.


I can't remember if I've mentioned it but I have bad pelvic pain, just one of the joys of pregnancy. Monday was acupuncture, Tuesday was yoga and today is my first time visiting an Osteopath. I have never been to one before and have my fingers crossed I can get some relief.

It has meant that I haven't gotten much done at all in the last 2 weeks and I'm terrified I will have this pain at the Lindesay xmas gift fair next week. 3 days all day sitting/standing at a market makes anyone sore!


willywagtail said...

Haha. What an enlightening post. I'm afraid I had to head to the top end every time I saw an acronym. So how do you wash these new nappies?! Sorry to hear about the pelvic pain. I had that with number 2 and 3. Very hard to get the bed made or anything and then they say you can't vac the floor for 2 weeks. I'll be thinking of you. Cherrie

Kara said...

Yes, isn't it all a bit over the top! These nappies just go in the machine, you don't soak them, just shake poo off liner or use 100% disposable liners in toilet, leave dry in bucket then wash together. I think it's meant to be a whole lot easier. Bamboo and hemp are a lot more absorbent than cotton too.

I dunno...

Yes, the pelvic pain is amazing isn't it. You can't quite bend, open legs to sit etc, if you hit your leg or pelvis on a table it sends horrible hot pains everywhere.

Bec said...

Kara I've been meaning to send this email for a while now but your post has prompted me to get off my behind and do it. Basically, I have maybe 20 cloth fitted nappies (some baby beehinds, some totsbots, motherease, weewuns and lots of other handmade fitted nappies) plus covers in PUL, wool and fleece, as well as a few hemp boosters. I no longer need them, and for a while I thought I would sell them on ebay, but then I thought "who am I kidding?" They could probably decompose before I get around to it. So if you'd like a big pile of freebie cloth nappies and associated paraphernalia, then you are welcome to them. Just shoot me an email with your address and they'll be on their way. You can then keep the ones you like and pass on the ones you don't want. Most are in really good condition though. Not manky or anything :P I'd just like to see them doing their job and being used rather than sitting in a box in our garage waiting for me to one day do something with them. And I don't know anyone in real life who is interested!

Sorry about the huge long comment - anyway, just let me know if you want them.


Kara said...

Bec, I've just emailed you- that would be awesome to try them all out! Yay!

I need to send you a bottle of wine or something?