Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oils ain't oils

Less and less to write about handbags, fabrics and the like as I finally slow down with sewing and creating. I have 6 weeks to go til our baby is due and finding the huffing and puffing of pregnancy to be quite something else altogether! So its more about me and babies...

Today I'm off to the osteopath to get manipulated. My groin strain is now a boring 5 weeks old and although I have good movement, the pain is not easing up. Today I tried to walk the dog but it's getting sooo hard. She has some awful itch since we came back from Sydney, but was given a flea treatment before we left so its not that (we don't get fleas and ticks here in the Mountains, too bloody cold!). So I've washed her in dermatitis dog shampoo to see if it gets better.

I'm looking into essential oils for the birth. But I don't have the foggiest what I'm looking for. Have been told that Frankincense, Geranium, Lavendar, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange, Petitgrain Rosewood and Sandalwood are good for labour - as well as Clary Sage which cannot be used beforehand as it brings on contractions. Jasmine is another that is good, but not before 8 months pregnant. So it all gets confusing and not sure what I should be doing. Does anyone sell blends ready to go?

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