Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our baby girl (totally not handbag related!)

I just had to post again today (it's becoming a habit) but being a home-based business means you spend a lot of time by yourself so it's nice to share with everyone else!

Today was my 32 week ultrasound for checking the position of the placenta. It has been lying low throughout the pregnancy so the concern is that if it hasn't risen, then the baby is delivered by caesarian. Anything 4cm or less is considered low and placenta is just over 6cm. Yay, what a clever placenta! It's one more thing struck off my list of concerns.

The photo is of our baby girl and if you can't work out what in blazes you are looking at, she is looking straight at the camera. Not sure whether or not her eyes are open though. She is 32 weeks today but is measuring 34 weeks.

Hmmm.... big baby and natural birth - better start preparing...


willywagtail said...

She is beautiful. She looks like Queen Cleopatra without hair. Wonderful that you don't have to worry about Caesar. Cherrie

magikquilter said...

Cannot make out anything am I blind?

But I know she is just gorgeous!

Good news on the birth too...did they say it is the way she is lying that is causing the pelvic pain?

Em said...

Interesting, I too have been told I have a 'low lying' placenta, but at 22 weeks theres plenty of time for things to shift around a bit! My other children were all natural births, so I was kinda hoping for the last to be the same. Fingers crossed.