Monday, December 1, 2008

Afternoon tea and me

Yesterday I had my 'non-baby shower'. What do I mean by that?

It was an afternoon tea get together where the girls were not supposed to bring gifts, just catch up and tell their baby stories. It was so much fun, way too much food and of course, they all brought gifts! Arghhh!

The afternoon was lots of fun, so nice just to relax and catch up with everyone. And eat!

I'm purposely slowing right down now - the sewing, hours spent at my business, etc - are now going to be cut dramatically as I have been told by the midwives at the clinic here it's time to do so. My stupid pelvic problem is not going away and I need to repair and get ready for the 'big day' in about 5-6 weeks. My Osteopath is now on the path of 'managing' the pain, rather than being able to alleviate it 100%, as all the work he does just gets pushed back by this ever growing baby. Originally my pain level was about 9 or 10/10 but I feel like its about 3 or 4/10 now. So I can't stop going to the Osteo as I don't want to elevate the pain again. Bit of a Catch 22 situation I guess.

Anyway, I have been asked about the pelvic pain - it is not standard pelvic pain from pregnancy but rather I have strained muscles further down in against the bone of my pelvis/runs underneath my pelvic floor (sorry if you are eating!). It's considered more of a sports injury than pregnancy related so not sure exactly how it's happened. It has most probably started out as classic pregnant lower back pain which I then pushed onto other joints to alleviate - and most probably our old little car is the culprit which is more and more difficult to get in and out of.

Bed rest is a little hard as I have to lie on my hips so its excrutiating to move and turn throughout the night. I can't help yelping or crying when I'm turning or moving. I'm always tired but I guess its good practice.

The best thing about it all... it will probably go once I'm in labour. Isn't it amazing how our bodies work?

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