Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All bags are up!

Today was the last session of prenatal yoga, so when I see all the girls next year, quite a few more babies will be born - so cute!

I have finally finished uploading the last of the bags onto my site for this year. I especially love 'Marika', the most divine 1950's barkcloth in autumnal tones which comes in every bag size: clutch, handbag, ballerina bag, tote, x large tote and 10tote. It's so fun to find this kind of fabric - and getting harder and harder.

Marika 10tote now online.

News on my computer:
I got through to Apple Customer Relations and they agreed to fix it all for me - free of charge - even though the computer is out of warranty (it's a 2005 model) and by their standards, 'old'. When did we decide that computers are old at just over 3 years? Will we start chucking cars at 5 years old? I find it all a little ridiculous, especially when we have such trouble with waste and landfill, yet still these big players are demanding we spend, upgrade, buy parts for items that are still usable. Anyway, the fact that they ended up agreeing with me to fix it all free of charge makes me a very happy lady.


heidi and seek said...

I absolutely love Marika. The colours and patterns are gorgeous. I'm not surprised it's sold already!

Kara said...

Thanks! The 10tote has sold - others are still there.

citrus daisy said...

I love Marika too - what a fabulous fabric find. You make beautiful bags. Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best in the coming weeks.