Friday, December 5, 2008

Change mat for baby

After cleaning up my workspace yesterday I got really inspired to make something for the baby. This always happens once everything is clean and tidy, I can't wait to muddy it all up.

I had this great big piece of heavy cotton (almost fleecy but not) of hobby horses (all zebras) in yellows, blues and pinks. There was a bit of leftover polyester quilting stuff from a quilt I made for my nephew when he was born (he is now almost two!) and some denim. I have been looking at change mats in stores over the last couple of weeks. They are either really horrible and synthetic with plastic linings and stuff (for anyone who knows me, knows I hate plastic covered handbags and the like - if it's natural, wash it!!) OR crazy amounts of money. 

So I made my own. It was quite fun to do and designed it so it folds in on itself and goes through the front belted area to close. I had some leftover ribbon from Kikki K that I added to the front belted area too.

I have so many other bits of fabrics that I'm now thinking cute dresses and the like! Though our kid won't get too much wear out of flimsy summer dresses here in the Mountains.


willywagtail said...

Because it is not wipeable you could possibly make another one when you tidy the room again. Just a thought. Cherrie

Siany said...

Thats so cute! :)
I made a reversible dress for my best friends baby, and because its reversible its lined for extra warmth! I can only imagine the beautiful little dresses you could sew! *sigh* I adore that fabric :)

Kara said...

Oh that dress pattern sounds good Siany! Did you take some photos? I think a double-sided, heavier weight dress would be great up here. Cute with ribbed tights and boots for a little girl.