Sunday, December 14, 2008

Computer says no...

My trusty Apple G5 Imac is playing up. It's only a 2005 model and JUST out of warranty and is not doing some hard shut downs - right in the middle of work. This is NOT good! Just now I tried to start it up 6 times before it actually happened. This is so frightening and frustrating for me but all my work is backed up.

Right now we are looking at Statutory Warranties as opposed to the Applecare warranty that you have to pay for when you buy the computer... arghhh! Does anyone know about Stat Warranties?

This photo was taken on Friday night before going to Angela's wedding. I felt so huge and cumbersome but there were lots of big comfy sofas at the wedding so I was quite comfortable. Even during the ceremony we had big sofas and a drink in hand! 

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