Saturday, December 20, 2008

Petunia Pickle Bottom and Zucchini Flowers

I lashed out and bought this Petunia Pickle Bottom Society Satchel nappy bag this week. It was SUCH an extravagant purchase but something I have been looking at for a while.

It was much reduced and available in Australia. After much procrastination I realised that it's a tax deduction, as I want to get into nappy bags and really see what's involved in making them. Of course, I would never make anything so structured but want to check out compartments and so forth.

Work is finally finished for the year, bit late but better late than never. So it's time to relax, enjoy Christmas, lots of rest and get ready to meet our baby girl in the next 2-3 weeks. We are both incredibly excited and I'm finding sleep difficult now - mainly worrying that it's time - ie. waters breaking all over the place! (Sorry... too much information).

Last night Steven took me out to dinner at an italian restaurant, Monte Bello, in Katoomba that we both had thought looked really nice. It was 'ok' - both of us were a little disappointed with it but the service was what was really strange. It's a very subdued, dimly lit, candlelit restaurant with mains starting at $25 a pop... but the waitress came up and said, "Hey guys (a little informal don't you think?), there's a new waitress starting tonight so go easy on her". (?!) Now, perhaps $25 a main isn't that much to anyone else, but it is a lot to us and this was a special meal, so having this kind of informal introduction wasn't what we wanted at all!

Then the new and very nervous waitress came up and Steven ordered for both of us. She was baffled, and I think she thought he was eating everything and me nothing. She didn't understand any of the dishes he ordered and missed it all and couldn't write out 'Saltimbocca' as she didn't know what that was. Then I said I wanted the 'Zucchini Flowers' and she looked at me oddly. Steven had to open the menu and point to it all while she slowly wrote it out longhand.... We were amazed - if we were waiters there we'd be drooling over the menu before anyone arrived and getting the hang of it all! To not know one dish was weird I thought. So an expensive night for us and we really did expect a little more. Oh well!


Cherry Rockette said...

i saw your bags IRL today, and they are amazing!!! i was in Northcote, i forget the name of the store sorry, but your bags are very beautiful and amazingly well handcrafted. such a shame i cannot get one! booooo. (all out of $ for the year sadly), so DH has strict instructions for next years b'day present, instead ha ha aha.
glad to see you lashed out on the PPB cake bag, you'll love it! personally i think the handle fabric is far too stiff, so i'm planning to make a new handle for mine out of some recycled leather. the overall bag is quick stiff too, but otherwise i love it.
if you do end up making nappy bags, i found a great thread on what mums want in a nappy bag on craftser, but can't find it now, dang. will keep looking for you.
good luck with your last couple of weeks!

Cherry Rockette said...

aha, found it!

Kara said...

That would have been 'I dream a highway' in Northcote?


Chooks'r'us said...

I don't want to 'dis' the mountains because I love it up here but that is pretty typical service from my experience. I had my 40th up at the Carrington and friends checking in reported the same thing - takes the shine off doing something a bit special, doesn't it? And here we are, only 100kms from Sydney - may as well be out bush.

While I was reading this I was thinking you must be very due now - hope all goes well for you and the little one Kara - looking forward to hearing your news. Oh and the nappy bag is market research for sure (and a nice bit of market research for you to enjoy too!)