Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday clean up

Today I woke up early and really wanted to clean out my office/studio space. It needed to be sorted... desperately... and I wanted to make room for other stuff we have in the house as I won't be in here too much early next year with a new baby around.

You can see SOME of my fabric here on the left. There is a big heap by the window to be sorted out and another 14 garbage bags under the house that I have to get to at some stage. Arghhh!

Anyway, I have made good progress and have moved some of the furniture around which is a bit naughty. Getting some weird braxton hicks contractions right now so sitting down and just took a quick photo.

35 weeks today - 5 weeks to go...

1 comment:

willywagtail said...

You could just send those bags to me and then you wouldn't have to sort them. I would love to help you! LOL Cherrie